Whether you are planning a photo session for yourself and your significant other, a small family, or a multi-generational shoot with tons of people one of the hardest parts of planning is always deciding what to wear! Here are a few quick tips and tricks to make sure you look and feel your best at your session.


What To Wear To A Photoshoot – For the individual:

  • Wear clothes that FIT! Now is not the time to try to squeeze into that dress that fit you ten years ago or to throw on those jeans you got on the best sale but are just a couple of sizes too big. Clothes that fit properly are always the most flattering and usually the most comfortable which will help you feel more confident throughout your session and confidence looks good on everyone!
  • Patterns are fine but keep them small. The point of portraits is to photograph YOU! Patterns featuring large florals, animals, vehicles or other prints draw your eye – which can be a lot of fun to wear out for the evening but provide too much distraction in your images. Plaids, stripes, polka dots and small graphics photograph nicely and can add character!
  • Be yourself by knowing yourself. I know that I am more classic than modern – would lean towards black dresses and cable knit sweaters as opposed to this season’s hottest trends but maybe you’re the opposite. Don’t like the way your arms look – wear sleeves! Your family loves to hike – wear layers with an outdoorsy feel! Photographs take a moment in time and help freeze it – so make it authentic!

What To Wear To a Photoshoot – For groups:

  • Consider how you decorate your home – the color palette, the vibe it gives off. Do you usually choose soft and neutral colors? Or maybe bright and bold colors? Do you pick items that have a farmhouse quality to them? Or maybe a more European look? Or maybe every room has a bit of a coastal flavor to it? Consider this when you are choosing a location for your photo session as well as what you wear! Bonus – when you choose a color palette this way your framed photos and canvases will fit in perfectly in your home!
  • Coordinate but don’t match. Every rule has exception so there are definitely times (matching Christmas pajamas pop in to my mind) where matching is appropriate but in general coordinating is the way to go. For example have everyone wear jewel tones (ie plum, mustard, navy blue, burgundy, forest green) as they are universally flattering and look good when mixed together. If you are looking for something a little more dichromatic black and whites are great options as well – even adding in a pop of color or grey tones to create a little more versatility. Have a favorite color – have everyone wear jeans and a variation of that color! Navy blue, baby blue, dusty blue…all coordinate well!

Most importantly make sure your clothing choices reflect you! One year we had our family photos taken in Tampa Bay Rays t-shirts – it was a season of baseball for our family. Both kids were playing multiple days a week and as a family, we loved to go watch our home team. It wasn’t traditional but it reflected that moment in our life very accurately and to this day they are some of my favorite photos! Maybe you’re new to Florida and you want to wear flip flops and flamingos – do it! Lots of promotions and big things on the horizon – black tie it is! And remember, with every session you get a complimentary consultation – so if you are still feeling unsure – let’s talk about it and together we can find the perfect wardrobe for your shoot!


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