The Wedding Shot list

Hands down one of the most frequently asked questions I get from bride and grooms leading up to their event: “Should we make you a list of photos we want to be taken on our wedding day?”

If it gives you peace of mind or makes you happy or you love lists as much as I do  – you are welcome to write a list.  If it is just one more thing on your to-do list that feels overwhelming, if you feel like it is a “have to”, or if the last list you made was for a class a decade ago – skip it! As part of our process here, not only do we have a consultation early on but we do a follow-up questionnaire close to your big day. That questionnaire asks for family members and special friends that will be present on your big day so we not only do not miss anybody during formal portraits but so that we can use that time efficiently and get you to the party faster!

The average person will attend approximately 15 weddings in their lifetime. And for many younger couples, they might have attended only one or two, if any, prior to planning their own.  Having photographed over 150 weddings I know weddings like the back of my hand. While each of them is a little different most have similar features and I promise you that I am ready to capture every detail.  No need to stress yourself out trying to remember each moment you think needs to be photographed –  I have you covered!

Things to consider and let your wedding photographer know ahead of time:

  1. Are there any conflicts the photographer should know about? While we hope that everyone is on their best behavior, giving me a heads up about any family conflict ensures that we keep photos moving quickly and don’t make anyone uncomfortable! We don’t want that old spat between Uncle Joe and Aunt Sally to turn into a brawl on your wedding day.
  2. Is there some part of your day that has significance that wouldn’t be obvious to those attending? A recent bride wore her brothers dog tags under her dress where no one else could see them, but it was her way of having him there with her! I am so glad she told me ahead of time so that “he” is memorialized in the photos too.
  3. Are you planning a surprise? Everyone gets excited when the bride and groom go from slow dancing to a wedding party flash mob. They ooh and aah when that list kiss in front of the getaway car signals fireworks behind the newlyweds and they applaud widely when your man randomly dips you as you walk down that tunnel of sparklers   – but it can also be a missed opportunity for an amazing photo if the photographer is unprepared. I promise we want the best reactions from your crowd too so we won’t tell!
  4. Lastly are there things that make you uncomfortable? If you chose us as your photographers you know that our goal is to tell your story with light, bright, joyous, and timeless photographs! Maybe you don’t have the best relationship with someone and you don’t want to be alone in photos with them. You might be married now but public displays of affection not your thing – let us know so we don’t ask you to kiss with a crowd watching!

We are your personal paparazzi for the day and will be spending a lot of time with you! We are there for YOU and we want to make sure that you feel relaxed and confident and beautiful and do not have to worry about photographs at all. If making a list to give us makes you feel that way – send it over. If you not – don’t worry we still have you covered!


You never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory – let me help you capture it



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