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Choosing the Perfect Location   

One of my most frequently asked questions is always where should we go to have our photos taken? This is a great question and below I will give you my three most popular answers but as you consider locations also ask these questions…when am I available for a shoot? What will the light be like at that time? Weather? Will the place I want to shoot be more crowded at certain times of the day? And lastly how many people are the images and is the space open enough for that number?

  1. Beach – while I love to travel and do destination photography, I am lucky to call Florida home! Since Florida is known for long stretches of gorgeous sand and water why not use it as the perfect backdrop for your photos? And while every photographer loves “golden hour” (the hour before sunset when light is soft and golden) there is nowhere else that it’s quite as magical as a beach. Locally I recommend Fred Howard Beach for its beautiful rocks and sea oats or Honeymoon Island where the boardwalks and driftwood add a little extra to an already serene landscape.
  2. Parks – some people love the idea of being outside sand is just not for everybody! Thankfully we live in an area where the park system is second to none and there is something for everyone. From boardwalks to bridges and pines to palms if you are looking for an earthy, green landscape there is no shortage. John Chestnut Park in Pinellas County boasts acres of oaks with soft drifts of Spanish moss on almost every tree while Lettuce Lake Park provides miles of beautiful boardwalks and shade at every turn, two of my favorites!
  3. Downtown – maybe your family is not so outdoorsy at all but they love a cup of coffee, a great restaurant, and some history, the downtown areas of both our little towns and our larger cities make great scenes for photos and provide a lot of diversity. In just a few short blocks photos in the downtown of Safety Harbor can provide a pier, a fountain, marina, brightly colored walls, brick facades, quaint alleyways, and cozy coffee shops. Want to go bigger – downtown Tampa and its historic brick buildings, metal bridges, UT spires, riverfront, tile mosaics, and splashy murals are all a quick walk from a centrally located parking garage!

In a community that is growing quickly, filled with age groups at both ends of the spectrum, an ever-improving cultural scene, tons of sunshine and all the outdoor activities we can easily find the perfect location for your shoot!

I may not remember the details from the day we took this picture, but I remember exactly the love I felt.


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