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Five Tips for Taking Holiday Photos

Organizing a holiday photo with the whole family can be challenging. You don’t want to use old photos or that photo you took when your son wasn’t looking and how did the baby get so big so fast? If you are going to do a holiday photo, do it right!

When you start by scheduling your shoot with a professional such as LeShayne, you are on the right path. Having a professional photographer has many advantages. Photographers understand how to look for special moments between family members and capture shots you never expect. They provide a high-quality product that will allow you to cherish these memories for years to come. Photographers also are experts in posing, angles, composition, and photoshop to ensure that you all look your very best!

Hiring a professional photographer takes some of the stress off of you…and to make the process even easier here are 5 tips for how to prepare.

  1. Think Thematically

If you are planning a holiday photo decide if you want it to be holiday-themed…if you don’t do you have another vibe you are hoping to achieve? Maybe you want something woodsy or whimsical, beachy or urban? Consider the theme of your photoshoot and then pick clothes that go along with that! Coordinating colors and patterns without identical outfits help highlight each member of your family’s personality. Consistent color patterns help a photo stay visually patterned. Some of our favorites – urban photos with black and whites and a pop of color, beach photos in shades of blues, or a mix of jewel tones in the park!

  1. Make it Fun

Making the photoshoot fun is especially important if you have young family members. Photoshoots become stressful for everyone when your kids get bored or upset. Happy kids make for great photos and a good photographer will capture that happiness even if they are not behaving “exactly” as you imagined! And of course, happy kids make happy parents  – and when everyone is having fun a photo shoot can feel like a fun family outing!

Kids often pick up on the tone that is around them so be sure to get to your session with a positive attitude. Create excitement for your kids by painting an amazing picture of the experience to come. Try not to use phrases like “being on your best behavior” or “doing what the photographer says” as these often create expectations and pressure that make kids wary. Instead tell them about the special place you are going (beach, farm, new park, etc) and how you are so excited for your friend to take some photos of their beautiful smiles and how tall they have grown. Kids love compliments too!

  1. Schedule A Time that Fits

You know your family best, so when you schedule your photo shoot, pick a time during the day when your family will be at their best. Choose a time that isn’t too early if mornings are not your thing and not too late if bedtimes are early. Avoid naptimes and maybe consider a snack on the way to make sure no one is feeling hangry!

  1. Don’t expect perfection.

It can be challenging to capture the perfect shot where everyone is looking (even the dog!) and smiling. A spontaneous moment may capture your family’s personality even better than a post on and it might even capture those special moments and connections! When you get a photo that shows your family having fun, you have captured a moment in time that will continue to provide beautiful memories.

On that same note don’t sweat the small stuff. In this age of digital photography the little scratch on your daughter’s nose, the juice that accidentally dripped on your son’s shirt on the way to your shoot, that zit that came out of nowhere, or your husband’s funny tan line from his fishing expedition yesterday – all fixable!  

  1. Trust the Professional

Last but not least, trust the photographer you hired. Let them do the work! You and your family should relax and have fun. You don’t want to be the one trying to get everyone to look and smile and then be the one not looking at the camera or not looking your best. Photographers meet all sorts of people and personalities, they work with the very young and the very old – trust them to capture the best in your family.


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LeShayne Maddex doesn’t just take pictures. She captures moments. Your family is unique and we want you to have photos that are as special as your family, capturing all your best qualities, and having fun while doing so. Contact their office today and schedule the perfect time to get you your perfect holiday photos. https://leshayne.com/portfolio-item/family/



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