Sunken Gardens Engagement: Caitlin and Robby

Caitlin and Robby’s wedding is coming up so fast! They are planning a ceremony in the gorgeous Sunken Gardens just after sunset and a party to celebrate under twinkle lights in the garden courtyard. But we didnt want to miss some of the beauty that is Sunken Gardens during the day!

When I meet a new couple one of the things I hear most often is “we don’t take good photos.” Caitlin and Robby were no exception – telling me how they were awkward and to please tell them what to do. So I want to tell you TWO very important things!

ONE | You are not awkward. You are not un-photogenic. You are not unable to have great photos. You may not be able to pose yourself in exactly the way you might see in a magazine but you are not in a magazine. This is your real life. Your real love. You are beautiful! You are photogenic and it is my job to pose you! So don’t let the way you feel about yourself in photos be a reason not have them taken. Whether you are recently or engaged or celebrating 50 years – this moment will become a memory – make sure its one you can easily look back on!

TWO | One of the most beautiful things in the world is happiness. Happy people make great photos. Celebrate your love, celebrate your relationship, celebrate your life. Caitlin and Robby look gorgeous together because they are gorgeous together. Because you see the excitement about their future, their shared Disney love, their happiness shining through!

Less than 60 days! Can’t wait to capture their wedding day!


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