From Ohio to Florida: Beach Destination Wedding

bride and groom laughing together on beach

Destination: Florida

Ohio has some pretty cool things – the Air Force Museum for history buffs, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for music lovers, and of course the nationally ranked Ohio State University for sports fans. It is also home to one of my summer’s sweetest couples. With gorgeous tans and beachy wedding apparel these two came to Florida looking for something you cannot find in Ohio – the beach! Clearwater Beach specifically made the perfect location for their destination wedding.

Why Florida?

With miles and miles of coastline and a wide variety of resorts Florida provides a beautiful backdrop to say I do. And with family friendly activities on every corner couples can bring their entire family. In this case Zac’s family had been coming to the Opal Sands to vacation for years so it was an easy to decision to marry his gorgeous fiance. Sometimes destination weddings can be full sized but often they are intimate affairs celebrating love between two people witnessed only by their closest friends and family! Zac and Courtney’s families were proud to stand witness to this sweet ceremony.

Why a Destination Wedding?

There are lots of reasons to have a destination wedding. Maybe where you live is home but you love the beach or the mountains – why not celebrate your love in your favorite place? Some couples want to make sure their wedding date, and subsequently their anniversary is on a specific date that already carries special meaning to them and the weather at home is not just so great or locations are just not available. Or maybe you want it to be a small private affair and if you remain local people not invited would be hurt! Whatever the reason destination weddings are growing in popularity and its a trend I admittedly love!

Whether you are coming to Florida from somewhere else, or leaving Florida for your special day I would love to talk.

From the sandy beaches of home to mountains and forests far away, we celebrate Love: Captured.


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