Love: Captured – Telling Your Story One Photo at a Time

Your story.

Is beautiful and unique. It is the person you are, the past you have the lived, and the future you pursue. It the relationships you pour into, the passions you explore, and hopes you have for tomorrow. It is a love for who you are today and who you will become. It is love for your career, for your friends and for your family. And that is what I want to capture. In a time when we all have a camera in our pocket – anybody can take a picture – but let me tell your story, your love: captured.

My story.

The moment I took my first photo I knew I had found a new passion. The day I delivered the first images I took for someone else I knew I had found a new career. A lot of time has passed since that day but my desire to give you images that make you FEEL a certain way has not. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, to feel important, to feel loved.

Love: Captured

So what does this mean? I don’t want to just take your photos! I want to tell your story: your love story! I look forward to introducing to you some of my amazing clients here on the blog so you can read their stories and see the “Love: Captured” photography difference.

From the strong, passionate individual to the extended family reunion…from the soon-to-be-weds to the day you walk down the aisle…from the itty-bitties to the still-your-babies…each of these is a new and exciting kind of love that I want to be here to capture.



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