Once upon a time ago you got married in a white dress, you didn’t see your soon to be husband until you walked down the aisle and it was always in a church! But times are changing and so are wedding cakes! Who would have thought the basic cake would be one of the things that changed – but it did! This particular wedding photographer has a sweet tooth and loves ALL of these awesome alternatives. So what are some great options?

Traditional Wedding Cakes

The traditional wedding cake does remain alive and well. Classic white with some added details and a topper remain fully in fashion and a great choice. More and more couples are choosing to return to a frosted cake, preferring it to the fondant cakes that graced most of the weddings a decade ago. But whatever you choose make sure you have enough for each guest and that if you love tradition you can save the top. Some of my current favorite trends in the traditional cake style: awesome colors (black and gold? yes please!), SIMPLE with a pop of color, and cake toppers that are not always a bride and groom. So where do you get a cake like this? The options are endless but for the most amazing tasting experience check out Chantilly Cakes of Clearwater. On a budget but still want something beautiful and delicious? Publix Bakery is second to none!


I am not going to lie – this is probably my favorite trend because I seriously love cupcakes. I love that you can provide so many flavor options and they still look adorable. Hands down my favorite cupcake bakers are the amazing ladies of Mmmm Delicious Cupcakes – they make beautiful cupcakes in every flavor. Salted caramel, raspberry champagne and nutter butter are personal favorites. The right display and a few added details make these just as lovely of an option as the traditional wedding cake!

Naked Cakes

While some people may think the frosting is the best part lots of couples are enjoying this slighyly less sweet option. With the focus on delicious and moist cakes, some fruity additions and a more rustic look these cakes are showing up everywhere!

Doughnuts or Donuts?

Whatever you call them this designer donut trend is HUGE across the country right now. Plain old glazed donuts are headed out making way for fashionable flavors like Maple Bacon (try the one at Datz Dough), Smores, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch (available at Jupiter Donut Company). Pretty displays and lovely details on top make this an excellent choice for weddings. No cutting required!


Pies always remind me of holidays and family – so they seem perfect for a wedding. Again so many flavor options. If you are having a beach wedding – or really any Florida styled wedding – you cannot go wrong with a Key Lime Pie from the infamous JJ Gandys or try one of over 20 flavors at The Pie Factory. Keep it simple with no decorations or add little details!

How to choose?

While I think that it is always good to consider what will look good in your venue and what will go along with your theme – desserts are made to celebrate! And on your big day YOU are celebrating YOUR love. So what do YOU love? What screams celebration and happiness to you? Go with that and then make it pretty and it will look perfect on your wedding day.