He popped the question and you said yes! It’s really happening! It is official you are engaged and getting married. You’ve (probably) never done this before and are likely saying to yourself, “so now what?” Here are a few tips and next steps we hope you find helpful as your start your wedding planning process!


Call Your People

Though it may seem easier to shoot out a mass text or post an update to Instagram with the news that you are engaged, suck it up and pick up the phone. It’s likely that you have a list of people in mind who you genuinely want  to share this news with so go for it! They’re going to want to hear the details and celebrate this big event with you. Let them. After you’ve made those calls, there’s probably a handful of people that would be fine just receiving the picture message of your beautiful new ring and an announcement. Really, at the end of the day, you just don’t want your best friend to find out about your engagement because your hair dresser saw it posted on Facebook, right?!?


Pick A Date

You don’t have to decide on the date today but it will be helpful to get a time frame in mind. Have you always envisioned a spring wedding? Maybe one of you is graduating med school in the fall and, practically speaking, you’d like to be married by then. How long do you plan to be engaged for? Take an honest look at your life and decide what’s going to work for you. Once your ring has been “oohed” and “ahhhhed” over and the engagement story’s been told, the next question will be “So, have you picked a date?”. Alleviate some stress by having a planned time frame in mind as a response.  Bonus: this decision will help with most all of the other pieces of planning.


Choose A Style

Again, you don’t have to immediately narrow this down but it’s good to have an idea of what you like. A rustic evening at a barn? Glamour and sequins in a ballroom? Are you envisioning a destination wedding in exotic Mexico or a celebration in your hometown where you fell in love?  Narrow this down and your official wedding recon can begin! (Read: all of the phone calls and obsessive amounts of googling.)




Decide On A Budget

First, gather the appropriate voices around the table. Maybe it’s financially up to you and your new fiancee. (Are you used to that term yet?!?!?!) Or, you may be receiving some help from one (or both!) of your families. It’s time to realistically figure out what each person is planning to contribute because, honestly, $5,000 and $50,000 are very different numbers.


Who’s In This With You?

You’re planning one of the biggest events of your life. Sure, there are going to be stressful moments but there will also be some really fun decisions to be made… like choosing who will stand alongside you as you say “I do!” Your bridal party can be big or small, including best friends from elementary school and your second cousin Ruth or just your sister and best friend. It’s really up to you! Remember, it’s your wedding and you get to decide!



Take A Night Off

Wedding planning can be hectic so it’s important to take time together to genuinely just have fun. Enjoy being engaged!  It’s too easy to allow every conversation to be about seating arrangements and centerpieces so start a habit now of taking a night off once in awhile. Grab your fiancee and go out for a nice dinner where all wedding chatter is off limits. Remember why you said “yes” in the first place!


Deep Breath!

You might feel crazy overwhelmed already and that’s ok. Make a plan and a list of priorities and try your best to stick to it because, really, that’s all you can do. Take a deep breath and seek out enjoyable moments in this process. Find some good ways to rest and celebrate!  Start making a list of funny “bridal fail” stories or things you’re grateful for. Plan a day to get your nails done or go for a hike with a friend because YOU’RE ENGAGED!!!

It’s time to plan your wedding! Relax, have fun and remember: no wedding was planned in a day.