Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a portrait session or head shot?

This is an easy one! Fill out the quick contact form here on the site, call me at 727-515-2650, or email me at, and please feel free to include dates you are available!

How do I book you as my wedding photographer?

I want to make sure that I am the perfect fit for your special day, and the best way to do that is to meet face to face when possible (phone consultations/skype sessions available as needed). We can discuss what options are just right for you, and you get a chance to tell me more about the details of the day you’re planning. From there you make a deposit, sign a contract, and check “find photographer” off of your wedding to-do list.

How long until we receive our photos?

This depends on the type of session:

  • Head shots will be ready within 1 week of shooting
  • Other portrait sessions will be ready within 2 weeks. I try to get them to you as soon as possible, but we all know sometimes life happens!
  • Wedding photos may take up to 6 weeks to be available, however I will try to get you 5-10 images within the first week. I know when you get back from that honeymoon you can’t wait to see your photos and share them with friends and family!
  • For ALL sessions check out our Facebook page or blog for a sneak peek, usually within 48 hours.
How many photos will we receive?

Again this varies per type of photos:

  • Head shot clients will receive 2-3 images (this may be different if you were part of a head shot event) with commercial print release included.
  • Portrait sessions vary greatly and range from approximately 12-50 delivered images. Why the gap? The average family session lasts 60-90 minutes. However sometimes a client (or client’s unhappy child) may choose to cut a session short and therefore fewer photos will be taken and delivered.
  • For weddings this varies greatly based on so many things: hours booked, wedding party size, family size, traditions, etc. Usually about 30-50 photos per hour you book are delivered.
What if my child does not cooperate?

I cannot even tell you how many sessions I have shot in which a parent is convinced they will get no good pictures because their child was “uncooperative.” Here is the thing–kids are cute! They are cute just being themselves. As a lifestyle photographer I don’t need them to sit and pose to get great shots…my favorite photos, both that I have taken and have of my own children, are life unscripted. Them just being them. So don’t worry if your child doesn’t want to sit and say cheese!

When is payment due?
  • Head shot fees and portrait session fees are due at the session. They can be paid in cash or check made out to LeShayne Maddex, Photographer or by debit or credit card on request.
  • Prints and digital images can be ordered online through your personal gallery using debit or credit card.
  • Wedding bookings require a nonrefundable deposit of $250 when you sign your contract holding your requested date. The balance must be paid 2 weeks prior to your wedding date, and don’t worry, I will send a reminder! If you would like to add products after your wedding those items will be paid for at time of ordering.
What do we wear?

This is the number one question I get! Above and beyond all other tips, I recommend wearing something you and your family are comfortable in. If you are uncomfortable and feel unnatural that will show in your photos! Be you!! Other basic tips: Coordinate your colors but don’t match exactly, add some accessories (scarves, hats, jewelry), avoid characters and logos, use various textures, and avoid really large busy prints. And use your resources…search “what to wear family photos” on Pinterest or Google for lots of great ideas!

Do we need to bring anything?

You don’t HAVE to bring anything. But if your child has a favorite toy, stuffed animal, etc…or a family blanket you all love to take picnics on…or maybe even the family pet…I would be happy to include that in your photos.

Do you have a studio?

I am primarily a natural light photographer and we live in sunny Florida so it is my preference to shoot outdoors on location whenever possible! However, newborn sessions are usually done in your home for the comfort and ease of your new addition. I do have an in-home studio available as needed.

Can we provide shot list or show you photos we want to mimic?

You may show me photos that you like and even better tell me what you like about them.  As an artist who does not want her work copied, I strive to not copy others’ work either. But I can be inspired by others and showing me a few photos gives me a good idea of what style you are drawn to.

In your family session, I will make sure that all sorts of relationships are portrayed: whole families, mom and dad, siblings, mom with kids, dad with kids, kids alone, etc., like a shot list in my head!

Ditto for your wedding.  I am a very detail-oriented person and will make sure that those details and moments are well documented. If you booked me for your wedding I DO appreciate a family list of those you want in formal portraits! I don’t know that your Great Uncle Once Removed is also your godfather and a MUST for photos…so please, please, please give me that list!

What if weather/illness/circumstances prevent the session from being completed?

We all know Florida weather can be unpredictable! If we need to reschedule, we will, if we can’t we’ll figure out a rainy day alternative…studio session, playing-in-the-rain photos, whatever we need to do.

What if you die?

No, I am not a morbid person. I am neither sick nor participate in any extreme sport. However many brides ask this question, so let me just answer it here! I am very, very organized and I have amazing and talented friends. Once you have booked your wedding I have your name and contact details in my calendar, your contract filed in chronological order, and your payment amounts well documented on a work flow sheet. If anything were to happen (knock on wood!) you would be contacted with alternative photographers. In this business, as in life, you can never have too many friends and they would step in to make sure your wedding day is covered. While thankfully no one I know has had this happen I have seen photographers hospitalized and the community we are part of step in to help. So no worries!